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Does PCOS Lower Your Libido?

Does the thought of getting down and dirty with your partner (or even yourself) make you go, meh?

Newsflash girl! You’re not alone. And cyster it’s LONG overdue we raise the alarm on this issue. Low sex drive is a real issue that women everywhere experience every day. Libido issues can lead to more than just frustration, it can also lead to communication issues with your partner, added stress, and even self resentment.

Luckily there are some ways to raise that libido and get to the place you want to be. Let’s go over some easy steps to take to start giving your body the TLC it’s craving and kick that low sex to the curb.

What is Considered a High Sex Drive for Women?

Truth be told – there’s no ideal “perfect” sex drive for women. Let’s throw that antiquated BS right out the window.

Let’s say it together. The female sex drive is unique to YOU!




What is considered a high sex drive for women?

The perfect sex drive for you is whatever that YOU feel great with. If you’re not enjoying sex though, that may be a sign of a few things that aren’t functioning correctly, like hormonal imbalances, physical issues, certain medications (hello birth control) or preexisting health conditions. BUT, there are still plenty of alternative things that we can work on to improve your sex drive and enjoy your partner or private time.

First, there’s nothing wrong with you for this – you’re not a bad person, unsexy, or a bad woman okay babe? You. Are. Not. Broken. This is a super fixable challenge that can be navigated by doing some easy changes to support your hormones. We love a self-care queen.

Does PCOS Lower Your Libido?

If you know me, you know I’m a fellow PCOS cyster. Struggling with PCOS can be isolating for a number of reasons, between PCOS weight loss challenges or hormonal acne or hirsutism. Then, PCOS had the nerve to step in our libido too?!




Does PCOS lower your libido?

According to a study conducted by reproductive health physicians, loss of sex drive in women was found in almost 99% of women with PCOS. The researchers found that physical impacts of low libido were found in 57% of PCOS cysters and that both PCOS weight loss challenges and hirsutism had impacts on sex drive. Bottom line, you’re not alone, and it’s recognized that PCOS does have an impact on your libido.

But girl, I’m here to tell you myself, that doesn’t have to be the reality. I work with women, our PCOS cysters, every day to be the boss of our PCOS in PCOS Boss Academy. Let’s werk!

How to Increase Libido in Women

You read that right girl, we’re getting down to business here and now. We’re focusing on the real action items you can ACTUALLY implement. No BS here cyster! Are you ready?

Communicate with your partner

Before any real work can take place, the best thing you can do is communicate with your partner and yourself. Explain how you’re feeling and what you want for now and the future. Open dialogue is sexy, I promise it’ll pay off in alllll the best ways. We love a queen who asks for what she needs!

Destress and Unwind

I know we’ve all had these moments. We get home from work, had a rough day, feel frustrated with PCOS challenges, cyster, I get it. Sex is the last thing on our minds at that moment. Destressing is considered one of the best libido boosters for women. So, in order to clear up shop, you have to make room for your libido to have space to explore and have fun.

Fast and proven ways to destress looks like:

  • Try yoga, walks, or other gentle movements – doing what feels good and nourishing for your body.

  • Meditating to release pent-up frustration and distractions – give yourself time to process what’s going on in your life.

  • Therapy to connect and heal – because you deserve it. Therapy is self-care and I simply won’t hear anything different!

  • Have you tried the wonder nutrient of hormones, magnesium? Try a magnesium supplement you can trust to bring in all the good vibes your body is craving.

  • Journaling to release distracting and harmful thoughts – pick out a beautiful journal to give those thoughts a space to live outside of your head.

All of these help to sweep out the BS and make room for self-love and desire to move in. Give them the keys girlfriend.

Digestion and Foods for Libido

Now let’s talk about one of my personal fav topics (as a Registered Dietitian I might be a little biased) — food.




digestion and foods for libido

Sis, when it comes to food I don’t believe in restrictions. That just ain’t my style, restrictive diets are toxic AF. No, I prefer meals that nourish, fuel and strengthen my body while living my very best life. So, you might be wondering, are there foods that increase libido? Is there such a thing?

While there may not exist foods that completely rev up your libido (sorry oysters), there are foods that can support your hormones, and happy hormones can equal a happier sex life.

Sis, I mean it from personal experience that learning to support your body through good nutritional habits and balanced blood sugar can improve your sex drive.

And there’s more, prepare yourself to say goodbye to bloat, brain fog, PCOS weight loss challenges, raise your energy levels, and even boost your egg quality. Yes, please!

Ask me how to get started, I’ve got just the program for any stage of your hormone journey to enjoy food without the guilt and ALL the benefits.

Turn Up the Spice and Get it On

You’re hot. There, I said it.

Now, show it! Taking that next step towards your increased sex drive can take some time and work. You can expedite your hard work by adding a little spice to your sex life routine.

If you’re ready to take your bedroom routine to the next level, try these tips out:

  • Invest in a few toys or games for the bedroom!

  • Experiment with role-playing or verbalizing your fantasies to yourself or your partner.

  • Pick out a new outfit in your favorite color – confidence is sexy babe.

  • Bust out that fav sexy nurse customer circa Halloween 2017! Ow ow!

Is it hot in here? Or is it these new bedroom opportunities?

Body Positivity – We’re Here For It

This one might seem a little cliche, but it’s a movement for a reason. We are all beautiful in our own right – every last one of us. Yes, you cyster!

Body image issues are common though (no thanks to diet culture). If we women feel bad about the way we look, it leads to lower sexual self-esteem, which then often leads to avoiding sex with others and even ourselves. We lose the will and desire, the arousal, and can even lose the ability to orgasm.




pcos low sex drive

Diet culture can F off, okay? Like I mentioned earlier, restrictive diets are a no for me. Boo, I know that the rampant insta influencers can do more than just give bad advice, they can also influence unrealistic beauty standards. No thank you.

Your body image is in your hands – start feeling better by:

  • Eating what you want guilt-free, enjoy the cake girlfriend!

  • Unfollow those influencers, no seriously, block them if you want.

  • Enjoy nourishing gentle movement – do what feels good and enjoy the dopamine.

  • Say nice things about you – be your own hype girl!

Body positivity is alllllll about taking care of yourself mind and body. Putting into practice the suggestions above you can begin on your body positivity journey. Let’s help each other flip the script and break up with diet culture for GOOD.

Hello Sex Life, Welcome Back

No matter how you’re struggling with low libido, again, please know you’re not alone. Babe, I know that there’s no magic wand to wave or light switch (wouldn’t that be nice). But, there are plenty of ways you can up the spice and bring desire back into the room. This isn’t forever.

Plus, I’m here to walk alongside you. If you’re a woman suffering from PCOS sex drive issues and ready to be the boss of your PCOS, join me and tons of other PCOS cysters in PCOS Boss Academy. Together, we run the bedroom, not our PCOS. We wear that crown proudly, mmkay?

Looking to spice up the bedroom to take that next step to get pregnant? I’ve been there too, and I’ve got my hand outstretched to you. Let’s do it together in Get Pregnant with PCOS.

You heard me, yes, get pregnant with PCOS – I’ve done it, and I’m ready and EXCITED to join you on this journey babe. Despite PCOS and loss of libido, getting pregnant with PCOS can be a fun (yes!) and realistic goal. I’m a proud example of it, alongside tons of other cysters just like you.

Regardless of your goals, I think we can all agree it’s time to kick PCOS low sex drive to the curb. Whether it’s taking charge of your body, your nutrition, navigating hormone tests, or picking your perfect supplements, let’s do the damn thing, together.

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