These 7 Things Are Making Your PCOS Worse

Between all of the information on the internet, from social media influencers, and just from modern-day life, it can seem impossible to understand what’s really going on with your PCOS and how to rescue it.

But don’t worry, I’m here to help you navigate all the misinformation! My name is Cory, and I’m a Registered Dietitian, fellow cyster, PCOS expert, and science lover. It’s my job to make sure you’re getting the research-backed guidance to actually help your PCOS, not make it worse.

Let’s dive in and figure out the myths and choices that are just making your PCOS worse, not better. 

  1. “No Carb Diets” and PCOS

carbs and pcos

Science simply does not support eliminating a bunch of foods for PCOS symptom control- it’s simply a matter of how much and when. Focusing on balancing and eating carbs in moderation is a far more sustainable and attainable way to control our PCOS symptoms. Sustainability matters, and if we cannot craft sustainable habits and instead rely on restrictions, we create more challenges for ourselves in the long-term and will struggle to overcome your PCOS.

But, if you focus on creating good habits with healthy boundaries, you can live comfortably, enjoy food, and take charge of your PCOS symptoms.

While we’re on the subject of restrictions, let’s talk about alcohol booboo. Consuming a moderate amount of alcohol, meaning a drink or two, won’t wreck your hormones. Just like carbs, we just have to be smart about what we drink, how much, and what type (I recommend red wine for the antioxidant content). And again, remember that beautiful word moderation. 

At the end of the day, we ALL have the right to enjoy our lives, mkay? 

2. Bad Sleep 

We all know sleep is important to mental health, but have you thought about how important it is for your hormonal health too? 

pcos insomnia

Poor sleep quality feeds so many issues associated with PCOS like insulin resistance, weight gain, mood swings, and more. It’s been theorized that sleep modification is one of the most important lifestyle changes to implement in order to soothe your PCOS symptoms. 

And babe, I have just the thing to help you start getting the perfect Z’s you’ve been looking for, Magnesium. This powerhouse supplement brings soothing, relaxing benefits to our bodies and minds. 

With 50% of Americans being deficient in Magnesium, this could be just the ticket to enhancing your nighttime routine and sleep hygiene. Factoring in a good Magnesium supplement can be a game-changer. When looking for a supplement to choose from, make sure you pick out a quality supplement and avoid knock-offs or random fillers. It’s scary out there! As a Registered Dietitian, I’ve worked hard to release a PCOS-friendly magnesium supplement that’s here to improve your sleep and balance your hormones.

Grab a supplement you can feel confident won’t affect your PCOS but support it instead here

3. No Exercise 

I’m not saying you have to be a gym mogul, but bringing movement into your regular routine is ideal for women with PCOS. Exercise can provide us with the right tools that we need to relieve stress- which can have MAJOR impacts on our hormonal health. Working out and raising our heart rates can have pretty drastic impacts on PCOS symptoms like insulin resistance, androgen levels, and overall mood. 

While we’re here, let’s address HIIT workouts – they’re just fine in moderation. The science, or should I say lack thereof, doesn’t support the claim that you shouldn’t ever do high-intensity workouts. Mix it up, movement is GOOD, it’s healthy. And of course, the same as we treat food, enjoy HIIT and healthy exercise in moderation. 

Instead of not doing anything or going too hard, let’s normalize balance and learn how to sync our exercise to our unique cycle with the best workouts for PCOS

4. Skipping Breakfast 

“Oh, I don’t eat breakfast…”

pcos breakfast

No Registered Dietitian wants to hear this, but even more so, one that specializes in PCOS like myself. Skipping meals is never a good option, as it introduces unhealthy habits and restrictions into the diet. But skipping meals with PCOS can have even greater repercussions beyond this.

When you miss a critical meal like breakfast, you miss an opportunity to keep your blood sugar stabilized. Stabilized blood sugar is one of the top things that women with PCOS struggle with, you may have also heard this referred to as Insulin Resistance. When our blood sugar isn’t kept in check with regular meals full of good proteins, fat, and fiber, we run into symptoms like weight gain, androgen excess, anovulation, and intense cravings. 

Help keep your PCOS symptoms at bay, improve period regularity, control insulin resistance, and boost your PCOS weight loss efforts. If you need help on how to factor in the right food and breakfast for you, enlist a professional to empower you with the tools and knowledge to feel comfortable doing so.

Check out PCOS Boss Academy to learn more about how symptom-free PCOS can be your reality.

5. Using Hormonal Birth Control with PCOS

I get it, the pill or other hormonal birth control can make you feel a sense of normalcy we cysters crave. Hormonal birth control will give you a regular, timely bleed but it’s not fixing your hormonal imbalances, your PCOS, or why the two are giving you problems in the first place. 

birth control pcos

What we need to do is get our ovulation back on track and stop throwing pills at one another. I know it’s tough when we feel like our healthcare system isn’t giving us the time or attention we need to get a handle on our PCOS. Women with PCOS get stuck with “solutions” that aren’t really solutions at all. 

It’s a better idea to work with someone who can help you address ovulation and how to get it going again. That’s why I created my two PCOS programs – Get Pregnant with PCOS and The PCOS Boss Academy – filling a HUGE gap in PCOS care. I’m here to help you every step of the way, birth control free and the power in your hands.

6. Focusing Only on Quick PCOS Weight Loss

I hate to say this babe, but it’s true, PCOS weight loss shouldn’t be our only goal, especially not “fast” PCOS weight loss. 

pcos weight loss

Instead, we need to bring the word sustainability back into play. As tempting as quick PCOS weight loss may sound, it’s more challenging to achieve and maintain the weight loss through quick fixes. Real, lasting change takes time. Your body didn’t get to where it is now overnight, and it sure as hell won’t move like you’d like it to in a matter of days. 

As a Registered Dietitian who works with strong PCOS women like you, I recommend comfortable healthy PCOS weight loss at ½- 2lbs per week, max. Need help on how to achieve permanent, non-restrictive weight loss? I’m here for you babe.

7. Taking Random Supplements 

I know social media influencers are rampant these days, but we can’t take what they post online to be law. Many of these influencers are not coming from an educated background and unfortunately can have only your likes and wallets in mind. This could have you taking random herbs and unproven supplements that aggravate your symptoms, mix poorly with other medications or are just plain poor quality and unsafe. 

best supplements for pcos

When seeking to add in supplements for PCOS, bring in a professional to help you navigate what’s right for you. By incorporating a Registered Dietitian, you gain someone on your side who has studied for years and earns regularly licensed credentials to safely counsel those who need supplementation. 

As a PCOS-focused Registered Dietitian, I’ve worked with thousands of women to identify where supplementation may be necessary and how to safely incorporate them into your PCOS toolkit. In my signature PCOS Boss Academy, I design a plan just for you and provide the individualized feedback and the guidance you need – all backed by education and science, not promo codes.

Control Your PCOS

Join thousands of other women who have benefitted from my science and research-backed PCOS programs – Get Pregnant with PCOS and PCOS Boss Academy. These programs were created from not only my extensive education in dietetics and women’s health – but also my personal experiences as a fellow cyster with PCOS. 

I’ve helped tons of women optimize their health and lose weight with PCOS without elimination. My programs cover amazing features like:

  • Exactly what to eat and how for your PCOS- goodbye guessing games! 

  • The right exercises and plans for YOUR body! 

  • Access to a private membership community full of other cysters. 

  • A full PCOS libido module, yes, please!

  • The proper supplement protocol for your unique symptoms (did I mention discounts?)

And so much more! Ready to get started?

Feel free to reach out to me with ANY questions – I’m here for you and ready to help you take charge of your PCOS. Come find your tribe, and let’s get to work.

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