A natural and hormone-free

approach to PCOS

I know you’re trying to achieve a healthy weight, but it’s nearlyimpossible without supporting your metabolic hormones.*

Let’s take back control of Our PCOS

PCOS-supplements created for PCOS women by a R.D & Former PCOS Warrior

Healthy Period Bundle

PCOS can cause irregular, too heavy/too light, never-ending, or completely missing periods. All of these period problems point to one problem: you’re not ovulating regularly.

Why do we want to ovulate (even if fertility/pregnancy isn’t on our radar)??

After ovulation is the only time in our cycle we produce the crucial hormone Progesterone which keeps PMS symptoms away, helps us sleep, reduces our risk of endometrial cancer, and maintains a pregnancy if that’s what we’re working towards.
Improve ovulation and finally achieve comfortable, predictable periods with the VITA-PCOS Healthy Period Bundle (a 2 month supply!), which contains:

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Get Pregnant with PCOS Bundle

The ultimate fertility + TTC bundle! A two month supply! Everything you need to support your hormones and turn down the volume knob on PCOS symptoms while trying to get pregnant
The VITA-PCOS Get Pregnant with PCOS Bundle contains four of my most successful supplements for PCOS and fertility:

*Prenatal and Magnesium are safe for pregnancy and breastfeedin

*Androgen Blocker and Cortisol Calmer while safe for TTC, should be stopped and saved until baby comes! If you’re breastfeeding, these can be resumed after baby weans!

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Craving Control Bundle

Women with PCOS can experience intense, frequent cravings as a result of imbalances in certain hormones like insulin and cortisol.

You DON’T have to live with these. Cravings can be supported by:

Save 10% Off By Bundling

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Meet the Founder

 MY story with PCOS

Hi, I am Cory

Registered Dietitian, fellow PCOS
warrior, and women’s health expert

I work specifically with women to help them better understand the powerful connection between the female body systems and optimal health. I struggled for what seemed like FOREVER with irregular periods, ovulatory cycles, and ridiculous weight gain even though I spent the majority of my time focusing on “healthy eating” and “exercising.”

My PCOS Diagnosis

This changed the game for me and completely flipped the script. I dedicated my life’s work and career to learning EVERYTHING | possibly could about this complex condition so that | could educate and empower other women to take back control of their health, weight, and fertility and finally become the BOSS of their PCOS.

My love of science and belief in food as preventative medicine led me to complete 9+ years of rigorous academic study and earn a master’s in nutritional science. I view the female body as a responsive and regenerative system that knows exactly what to do when given the proper support. I am committed to evidence-based nutrition. That means you won’t be told to do “this or that” to “cure” your PCOS if we don’t have the research to support it. PERIOD.

I live on the California/Oregon border with my fiance, our two kiddos, and pug that sheds like mad. Cooking, hiking, and killing houseplants are among my top hobbies. I can’t wait to work with you.

– Cory

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