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How to Get Pregnant With PCOS

So you finally got the diagnosis that you have PCOS. And now…you feel like you’re losing your mind thinking you can’t get pregnant with PCOS. Maybe you were even told this in the doctor’s office. 

My darling, I am happy to report this just isn’t true.

And I’m here to help guide through this entire process with not only expert advice, but love.

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Cory Wait! Let’s Start With The Basics

If I had to define PCOS loosely, I would start with this: PCOS is an imbalance of a variety of hormones that can mess up your entire body. It can mean an overproduction of androgens, insulin, and cortisol, which can then lead to the underproduction of female hormones like progesterone.

All of these can potentially make it difficult for women to get pregnant. BUT, it doesn’t make it impossible!

You don’t have to let any of this bring you down or think you can’t get pregnant with PCOS, because you f@$#&%* CAN! As a Registered Dietitian, PCOS expert, and mama of two, I’m about to blow ya mind with proven tips that can help you get pregnant with PCOS. 

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How to Get Pregnant With PCOS

PCOS is the leading cause of infertility & 1 out of every 10 women has PCOS. Fortunately, you DON’T have to be part of that statistic. That’s why I want to work with you, and the first step is to start following these tips to learn all the strategies you need to get pregnant quickly and have the baby you’ve been dreaming of. 

1. Manage Yo Weight

When it comes to getting pregnant with PCOS, being at a healthy weight can have a significant impact. You might wonder about the connection between “losing weight,” PCOS, and fertility. Well, elevations in hormones like insulin, testosterone, and cortisol can prevent ovulation and increase our risk of miscarriage…both of which can cause infertility. 

When discussing weight loss, it is important to remember that crash diets are not the solution. On the contrary, focusing on a sustainable lifestyle and playing the long game should be prioritized. So, girly, this is like running a marathon, not a sprint.

Incorporating in a protein and fiber rich breakfast, snacking sensibly, cooking the majority of your meals at home, and partaking in simple activities such as taking a stroll outside or cycling can help you achieve this.  

2. Nutrition For PCOS And Fertility

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that a balanced diet is the cornerstone of the journey toward getting your eggo preggo with PCOS. When discussing a balanced diet, it does not imply that you must severely restrict your food intake or resort to deprivation. The main focus lies in nourishing the body with a balanced blend of nutrients that promote hormonal equilibrium and overall well-being, including optimal PCOS-friendly meals.

Starting with protein, some good options include chicken, tofu, fish, lentils, and beans. All of these protein-rich foods can help regulate blood sugar levels which will help you reduce those pesky AF cravings and regulate insulin levels. Next up is complex carbs which include sweet potatoes, quinoa, brown rice, oats, barley, and buckwheat. They can also help steady our blood sugar levels, which is important for getting pregnant.

Now, it would be an injustice not to indulge in nature’s candy (fruits). Some great options for PCOS include berries, apples, and oranges (but TBH no fruit is off limits boo). These fruits contain an abundance of fiber and other crucial antioxidants and vitamins, which are necessary for maintaining proper hormonal balance. And, don’t forget the green heroes (aka vegetables) – like peppers, carrots, broccoli, kale, and spinach, as they help keep blood sugar stable and avoid big dips and spikes.

It’s time to talk about fats! These are your friends, not foe, with PCOS, because they don’t raise blood sugar. Some good examples to include that I absolutely love are olive oil, nuts, and avocados. These types of fats aid in the improved absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and play a role in hormone regulation.

3. Stress Reduction

I know everyone tells us to “reduce our stress” *eye roll* but GIRL, it’s soooo key! Elevations in stress hormones can flare up PCOS symptoms and hinder your fertility.

PCOS + stress = not a great combo. Stress can put the body into panic mode and release excessive cortisol. This can lead to an imbalance of certain reproductive hormones and make it difficult to ovulate.

Fear not, there ARE ways to tame the dreaded stress monster. In fact, engaging in simple soothing activities like meditation, yoga, and deep breaths can effectively lower stress levels. Just make sure it’s consistent! Committing to a self-care practice and/or stress relieving activities several times a week, while it sounds small, can make all the difference.

Another important tip to remember is to unplug! Yes, I know it can be challenging to put your phone away or peel your peepers away from that hour-long TV series you are watching. However, unplugging for a while every day can actually help you lower stress levels, concentrate on your own wellbeing, and increase your chances of getting pregnant.

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4. Track Ovulation

PCOS can lead to unpredictable menstrual cycles and make it so tricky to figure out when our body is ready for baby-making aka in your fertile window (FYI: this is the 5-6 days in your cycle conception is possible). A simple yet highly effective solution to this problem is to track yo ovulation. These days, there are many resources we can use to track and confirm ovulation, such as a BBT (aka basal body temperature) thermometer. My fave? A device called TempDrop.

After ovulation, your body temperature experiences a slight increase, making it effortless to determine your ovulation date. In fact, the highest chances of pregnancy occur when sex takes place on or a few days before ovulation.


5. Adopt Your Ideal PCOS Supplement Protocol

There’s a TON of conflicting information out there about which supplements to take if you’re TTC with PCOS. That’s why I created my PCOS supplement package, my Get Pregnant with PCOS Bundle to help you bring home the baby of your dreams. I’ve helped hundreds and hundreds (and hundreds…) of women with PCOS get pregnant. It’s YOUR turn now. 

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Shape Your Path Towards Getting Pregnant With PCOS

Getting pregnant with PCOS comes with its challenges, no doubt, but the silver lining is we can learn SO dang much about our bodies, and rediscover our strength throughout the process. 

At the end of the day, it’s about making realistic & consistent lifestyle changes: Regular exercise, a PCOS nutritious diet, stress reduction, tracking ovulation, and a high-quality supplement protocol.

With determination, love, and my support, you can overcome PCOS and welcome the precious gift of new life. 

Here for you,

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