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PCOS-supplements created for PCOS women by a R.D & Former PCOS Warrior

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Meet the Founder

MY story with PCOS

I struggled for what felt like an eternity with irregular periods, embarrassing hair loss, and ridiculous weight gain even though I spent the majority of my time focusing on “healthy eating” and “exercise.” Enter: my PCOS diagnosis. I left my doctor’s office frustrated and discouraged when I was told to “just lose weight,” “take birth control,” and “you’ll never get pregnant without significant medical intervention.”

The more I learned about PCOS, the better I understood the powerful connection between our hormones, diet, and lifestyle choices. I became a Registered Dietitian specializing in PCOS in 2017, earned my master’s degree in Nutrition Science after completing 9+ years of rigorous academic study, and have since dedicated my life’s work to empowering other women with PCOS to take back control of their health.

All of my years worth of knowledge, experience, and expertise has been distilled down for you in an easy, step-by-step actionable program completely backed by science. Nearly 50 pounds down and two healthy babies later, I am so ready to help you climb back in the driver’s seat of your body, weight, fertility, and confidence. Let’s do this.