Craving Control Bundle


Women with PCOS can experience intense, frequent cravings as a result of imbalances in certain hormones like insulin and cortisol.

You DON’T have to live with these. Cravings can be supported by:

  • Getting in sufficient protein throughout the day in between meals
  • Promoting lower levels of our stress hormone, Cortisol, and ensuring higher quality, deeper sleep

The Craving Control Bundle contains:

  • Chocolate Collagen Protein: this unique PCOS-supportive blend has almost 20 grams of protein for every two scoops and clocks in at under 100 calories! 0 added sugar means you reap all the protein-benefit without all the extra junk. Sneak it in between meals or add to your morning smoothie or oats for an energizing power boost that will beat cravings all day long. PLUS- it contains blood sugar balancing-inositol, anti-inflammatory turmeric, and ashwagandha for more stable moods
  • Cortisol Calmer: both mood swings and poor sleep can exacerbate cravings. The Cortisol Calmer rescues BOTH. Soothing adaptogens and phosphatidylserine lower stress hormones like cortisol, reduce anxiety and irritability, and promote deeper, more restful sleep


Don’t let PCOS cravings derail your health goals for one more minute; it’s time to show your cravings who’s boss.


*Not safe for pregnancy or breastfeeding*



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