Healthy Period Bundle


PCOS can cause irregular, too heavy/too light, never-ending, or completely missing periods. All of these period problems point to one problem: you’re not ovulating regularly.

Why do we want to ovulate (even if fertility/pregnancy isn’t on our radar)??

After ovulation is the only time in our cycle we produce the crucial hormone Progesterone which keeps PMS symptoms away, helps us sleep, reduces our risk of endometrial cancer, and maintains a pregnancy if that’s what we’re working towards.

Improve ovulation and finally achieve comfortable, predictable periods with the VITA-PCOS Healthy Period Bundle, which contains:

  • Androgen Blocker: many of us with PCOS struggle with elevated androgens like Testosterone and DHEAS. Both of these can prevent ovulation and lead to wacky, awful, all-over-the-place periods. Reduce the levels of these androgens for more regular periods
  • Cortisol Calmer: adrenal stress can keep so many of us from ovulating regularly. For women with PCOS, this looks like missing periods, periods that come completely out of nowhere, and/or periods that seem to be never-ending! Soothe stress hormones like Cortisol, promote deeper sleep, and improve anxiety and mood stability with this ultra-potent PCOS blend
  • Magnesium citrate: Magnesium is one of the most well known minerals for healthier, happier periods. Magnesium soothes cramps and inflammation, prevents mood swings, and helps us get better sleep

Given the right support, healthy, predictable periods are POSSIBLE with PCOS- no birth control required.

*Magnesium citrate is safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding
*Androgen Blocker + Cortisol Calmer are not safe for pregnancy and/or breastfeeding



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