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The PCOS Thrive Hive

My signature program guides women with PCOS through permanent weight loss without restriction, mastering their symptoms, and taking their health back into their own hands. Looking to get pregnant with PCOS? I’ve helped hundreds and hundreds of women successfully conceive with PCOS and this program features additional optional fertility features so you can finally see those two little pink lines pop up! Featuring:

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Instant access to all PCOS Thrive Hive curated meal plans, personal trainer exercise plans, supplement protocols, and modules

Full access to our private membership community where you can connect with Cory and other women on your same journey

Instant access to a growing database of trusted, vetted PCOS doctors in your area

Discounts on all VITA-PCOS supplements and Ovasitol

Special discount on the TempDrop, my TOP cycle tracking device recommendation for PCOS

Join in on all chats with our expert speakers including PCOS therapists, mental health counselors, and doctors

New PCOS-approved meal and workout plans every week

25% off at home PCOS lab testing with results sent straight to your phone and 24/7 patient support

Price locked in and will NOT go up

Annual subscription has a 4 interest-free payment plan available.


Hi I’m Cory! I’m a Registered Dietitian, fellow PCOS-er, and strong believer in the simple truth that we don’t need to flip our lives upside down or give up our favorite foods (I’m looking at you, bread!) to put our PCOS into remission.

Before I tackled my PCOS. I felt like a stranger in my own body. I was gaining weight just by breathing, losing hair, and only getting a period once, maybe twice a year. When I looked in the mirror. I no longer recognized who was staring back at me. 

I’ve taken all of my academic research, clinical experience, and personal expertise and distilled it down for you in an easy, step-by-step actionable program completely backed by science. I have lost almost 50 pounds and kept it off for over 10 years, I’m ovulating regularly, and I have two healthy babies. What am I up to these days? I’m on a mission to equip you with ALL the tools you need to feel like YOU again. Don’t waste another minute hitting up Dr. Google for answers that don’t work- let The PCOS Thrive Hive guide you into stepping into your best self and beating this beast for good.



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