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On The Imperfect PCOS Podcast, me and my expert guests help you step into the best version of yourself by helping you take control of your hormones & health— it’s YOUR turn now.
  • Alright, buckle up because we're diving into a topic that's as crucial as it is overlooked – pelvic floor health. Seriously, why aren't we getting the 411 on this before AND during pregnancy and postpartum?    This is a topic that gets the feminist inside of me fired up. That’s why I’m so excited to[...]
  • “Why can’t I stop emotional eating?” This is something I hear from clients all of the time, and If you find yourself asking the same question, this episode is for you.    Meet Michelle Yates, RD, LMNT. With her personal triumph over an eating disorder and body dysmorphia, she brings that priceless "I've been there"[...]
  • PCOS ladies listen up: 50% of us will develop type 2 diabetes by age 40.    Scary, right? But here's the deal: Simple tweaks to how you eat, move, and handle stress can change the future for you.    That’s why I’m bringing on Dietitian & Certified Diabetes Educator, Kristie Messerli to share simple and[...]
  • Questions like:   ‘Will gaining too much weight hurt my baby?’ or ‘Did I bring gestational diabetes on myself?’ or ‘Did my PCOS cause this?’ are sadly real questions I’ve gotten from expecting mamas who are scared that by doing normal things like eating carbs or indulging a pregnancy craving or two will hurt their[...]
  • If hormonal acne and/or hair loss are killing your confidence, I see you. I get it- girrrrl I’ve been there.    I know, there's nothing that can make you feel more self-conscious and powerless than buying endless products and praying that one will finally make you feel (and look) like you again.    But what[...]

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