PCOS pregnancy
nutrition counseling

A happy healthy baby starts with a happy healthy mama.

During pregnancy, the requirement for a variety of many different nutrients increases markedly.

Knowing what to eat, how much to eat, and which foods to avoid is critical, especially when we have PCOS and are at a higher risk for miscarriage, Gestational Diabetes, and Preeclampsia.


Research suggests a mother’s nutritional status during pregnancy is one of the most powerful influences on her baby’s lifelong health.

simply making changes to your diet can have an intense positive impact on your child’s wellbeing.

The trouble is there is a ton of information that exists out there claiming specific supplements and foods are proven to optimize your pregnancy. I’ve sifted through the PCOS research, separated fact from fiction, and distilled hard science into straightforward guidance for you.


using evidence-based strategies, the healthiest pregnancy is possible—
for you, your baby, and the lifelong well-being of your child.