PCOS and Women’s Health Success Stories

Are you thinking about working with me? I have multiple PCOS programs and One on One packages for women who struggle with PCOS and hormone imbalance. If you’re on the fence, check out what these amazing women have to say below after working with me! If you have any questions, contact me!

“Working with Cory has been the best experience of all of the previous things I tried to manage my PCOS. When I started with Cory, I was on a 141 day cycle. Within 3 months of working with Cory, I got two periods and my cycles appear to be continuing to shorten! Additionally, I lost 10 pounds and I never felt starved or like I couldn’t eat what I wanted.  Working with Cory is a sustainable, long-term, and confidence-building lifestyle to manage your PCOS for the long run.”

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“Having PCOS is a rollercoaster ride and Cory was an amazing piece of my support system. She listened to what I needed and made changes to my program that would help me be the most successful. Cory helped me lose 30 pounds and 5 inches off my waist. But more importantly, she helped me change my relationship with food for the better. I am so grateful for the tools that Cory gave me to continue with these changes after we completed our sessions. This has seriously been life changing.“

Working with Cory has changed my life. I’ve lost 20 pounds, and it’s so satisfying to see the scale continue to tick down week over week. She makes everything feel super approachable and not like you have to give up a bunch of food you love. Her methods have led me to the most weight loss I’ve ever achieved and I’m excited to continue my progress towards our goals now that I see it’s truly possible.”

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“Before Cory, I was completely lost and mentally overwhelmed in the sea of information circling PCOS, and I felt angry and ashamed by my condition. Cory showed me how to work with my PCOS, as well as how to be kind to my mind and body for a better future. After our three months working together I got my first period in June 2020.  I was seeing my endocrinologist for over 15 years and Cory helped me more in our three months together than my doctors ever did. Thank you for EVERYTHING, Cory!!
UPDATE: For the rest of 2020 I followed Cory’s advice and got confirmed ovulations every month and my cycles were down to 28 days. I was amazed and so proud of myself when I found out that I was actually pregnant in January 2021! I couldn’t have done this without you, Cory!”

“I am a textbook definition of PCOS. No periods, weight gain, facial hair and hair loss, gaining weight while doing HIIT and eating the 1200 calories my OB recommended (insert eye roll). After almost a year without a period, I worked with Cory for two months and had two periods back to back and at Christmas everyone noticed I lost weight. Overall, my experience with The Women’s Dietitian exceeded all of my expectations, and then some. Cory is thorough, patient, resourceful, incredibly intelligent, and all of that shows in her work.”

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“Working with Cory is like working with a friend who happens to know everything about women’s health. In the short time of working together, I was able to meet all the goals I set for myself. Some of my victories were: getting my period back, regular bowel movements and reduced fatigue. For the first time since being diagnosed, I felt like I had some sort of control over my PCOS.

I’ve lost over 12 pounds but the effects are SO much more than that. Through supplements, diet, and lifestyle changes, I’ve gotten my period back (missing for over a year), I’ve noticed a major change in my attitude and energy, and I most importantly I have hope that I can have children. I have never invested in my health in that way and I am SO glad I did, it was worth every penny and then some. Cory helped break down basic information that we should know but are never taught. Don’t miss out working with her! She’s the real deal.”

“For the first time in my life i was able to lose weight at a healthy pace (over 15 pounds) and keep it off.

Cory helped me finally get my period back.

It felt really good to be seen, heard and have someone by my side when it comes to managing PCOS.”

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“I hadn’t had a cycle in over a year and my husband and I had been trying for three years. My doctor had just diagnosed me with PCOS. They had no answers and told me to see a fertility specialist. Not even a month into working with Cory, I had a cycle. That was in January 2020. I had a cycle every month this year and started to track my temperature. My husband and I found out we’re pregnant last month! I am almost 8 weeks.” **Photo has been updated since Sarah had her baby**

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“Cory is the perfect amount of helpful all the while giving you space to make her strategies your own- she’s able to fit her practices into whatever time you have to give.

I have lost over 20 lbs and am still going, I have better eating habits, I’m making sure to include movement, as well as lifestyle and stress habit changes. Overall it was the best experience.”

“I came to Cory knowing something was wrong but not knowing how to fix it. Cory helped me with my weight, body composition, better eating habits, hair loss, and acne. She educated me on food, hormones, supplements and gave me a sustainable long-term guide to manage them. In a few short months, I lost pounds and a jean size, and feel very confident I will continue to make progress. Cory was wonderful to work with.”

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“I lost more weight working with Cory, focusing on tailored eating and regular exercise, than I have in the past 5 years. I also learned how to and started tracking my cycle. Wish I’d known how to do that YEARS ago! I feel equipped with the tools for long term success after working with Cory. I learned so much useful information about how to read and support my body. Definitely feel like I got my money’s worth and I would absolutely recommend working with her!”

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“I have NEVER been able to track my cycles- they’ve been all over the place since I was 15. After taking the Dutch test and following Cory’s eating/exercise/supplement plan, my cycle returned within 2 months after stopping breastfeeding and has maintained a level of consistency and predictability that I haven’t experienced in years. She was also fantastic at walking me through the difference of being mindful of what I ate/how I exercised versus being obsessed with it. For anybody who is struggling with hormone or gut health, I would recommend Cory 100%. Worth every penny.”

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“Cory helped me lose weight, see a reduction in acne and hair loss, and adopt better eating habits.

Before working with Cory, I would try anything I read online to help my symptoms. I loved that Cory helped me learn more about my body and the imbalances specific to me. I was very satisfied with the results I saw from working with Cory. Now I feel well informed to make decisions that are good for me.”

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“Working with Cory was definitely a pleasure. She is an ally who wants to support her POC clients. I really appreciate how Cory took the time to edit many recipes despite not hailing from the same background as me and fit many Indian recipes within the parameters we had set. She understood my emotional connection to food of my culture and never once judged me for my food choices. Working with Cory is not just a change in diet, it is an evolution of ones mindset.”

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“Cory cared about me and my progress, I wasn’t just some other patient. She wasn’t intimidating and was warm and easy to talk to. It was like talking to my very smart friend. I really didn’t expect to see such drastic changes in such a short amount of time. I was actually pregnant only 6 weeks into working with Cory! 6 weeks! That’s all it took! This is evidence that she was able to help me find foods that worked for me.”

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“I cannot recommend Cory enough. I lost 18 pounds working with Cory and I am now several pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight and much closer to my goals. Most importantly, I have developed healthier habits that will empower me to make healthier and more balanced choices. I am looking forward to working with Cory again to help me manage weight gain during any future pregnancies. Also, before I started working with Cory, I had lots of unresolved GI issues. I am so glad that I invested in the GI-MAP test and Cory’s accompanying treatment plan because it helped identify and resolve GI issues I had been struggling with on and off for years.”

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“At first I felt overwhelmed and lost how I would navigate the diagnosis, but the support I felt when I got gestational diabetes was amazing. I believe there is no way I would have been able to navigate and do so well with managing it. I was able to bring my numbers down and the doctor told me I did A+ work managing it. I ended up only gaining 10 lbs during the pregnancy and my baby was 6 lbs 14.9 oz. All because of Cory.”

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“I was blown away by how much Cory was able to tell me from my Dutch test and the supplements she recommended were spot on based on my unique needs! I am currently in school to become a dietitian, but I would have NEVER been able to find the right supplements without her help! Whatever question I had, she answered without skipping a beat and you could just tell she is an endless wealth of knowledge. I feel so much calmer and more in control of my health after working with her. I would recommend her to anyone!”

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“Cory helped me understand the reasons I was having issues and offered doable solutions. I was given the tools to stick with my new lifestyle even after our sessions were finished. I felt supported throughout the whole process, knowing that if I had a question I could ask and never felt judged- most importantly I saw results. I was having weekly headaches, and now it’s almost been a month headache free!

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“Before working with Cory, I dealt with digestive issues almost daily and was constantly bloated and uncomfortable. Since working with Cory, I feel a million times better; my digestive issues are almost non-existent and I’ve even lost 5-10 lbs just from applying the things I’ve learned. It was also normal for me to only have 2-3 periods each year. While it will take time to really know the longterm effects these changes will have on my cycle, I did just have a 54-day cycle, which is the best I’ve had in over a year.

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“Cory was amazing in really understanding what I specifically needed to help my body. I feel like she offered more than just different “cookie cutter” diet recommendations. She really worked with me and found what was going to be the best for me. I learned so much from working with her and I am so grateful for it. One of my favorite things she offered was the Dutch test to further customize my experience- this helped us see where my body needed extra help and which supplements I should be taking. She was amazing overall!”

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“I struggled with IBS and GI issues for some time and I was tired of giving up things I really enjoyed – stone fruits, legumes, garlic, onions and other items. Cory said her goal is not to continue to remove things from my diet but rather empower me with information and notice how my body responds to certain things. Cory did an amazing job with her cycle hacking segment and it is something I constantly find myself referring to. Joining Cory’s program was by far the best decision I made.”

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 “I am extremely satisfied with my work with The Women’s Dietitian due to Cory’s immense expertise on PCOS, nutrition and overall hormonal health. Throughout my experience, I do not believe there was ever a question that Cory was unable to answer. All of our work helped me recognize how to support my body and how changing certain circumstances in my life can help alleviate many of my symptoms. I know it is a financial commitment, but looking back three months ago, I don’t miss the money and I know it was well spent on my health!”

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“My overall experience working with Cory was absolutely wonderful and life changing! I learned so much about myself, my eating triggers, and how to work around those. I also learned how to make better food choices and maintain a healthy balance without subjecting myself to crash diets and complete and total deprivation of certain foods. In addition, I learned a lot about my body, hormonal balance, stress management, and overall well being.  Cory is absolutely fantastic, and I am grateful to her for all her knowledge, support and encouragement while we worked together.”

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“I always worried that working with a dietitian would make me feel judged for the food choices I had been making or the fact that I’ve struggled so much with my weight despite trying to follow the simple ‘calories in vs. calories out’ approach. This is completely the opposite of working with Cory! Learning about how much very simple changes to my diet could impact my life (both mentally and physically) was so encouraging that PCOS will no longer be a chronic issue that runs my life. Cory did a great job of making the process very user friendly and so approachable.”


“Cory helped me embrace the concept of self-care from a whole body approach. Upon addressing each of my struggles, I have come out of this experience with less acne, fewer headaches and migraines, improved digestion, increased quantity and quality of sleep, and a stronger body and mind.”

Sonia name

“It’s been absolutely amazing! I feel so relieved to finally see results and so quickly!  I wanted to sincerely thank Cory for her help and insight – I honestly haven’t felt this good in over a year!”

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“I had such a positive experience with Cory! With her guidance, I was able to take control of things – like the food I put in my mouth, the supplements I take, and the achievable routines I am setting. Working with her helped me set small goals, which led to larger goals and gave me a sense of control when so much of fertility and pregnancy can feel out of our hands.  My cycles became normal and my digestion and sleep improved too!

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“After exploratory surgery and spending over $1k at a world-renowned health system failed to give me answers to my plaguing GI issues, I was elated to finally have answers solely based on my GI-MAP results; answers that had treatments. We set achievable goals and saw results. Cory is a wealth of knowledge; I wanted to pick her brain more! As an R.N. in women’s health, I hope to bring some of the knowledge I have gained through working with Cory into my own practice.”

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“This was something I did for me after being flooded with motherhood.  It’s hard when your spouse is traveling and baby is having trouble sleeping.  This forced me to be accountable and make healthy choices and routines for my own well being. The approach to my specific diagnosis and current postpartum status was exactly what I needed to reset my habits.

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“I had a bout with H. Pylori several years ago, and have been managing GERD for some time — until it recently got the best of me. Cory set me up with the GI-MAP gut health test and spent over an hour with me explaining what each and every item tested meant. I had never taken a probiotic in my life, and was sure I would detest almond based yogurt, but guess what? Six months later I feel fantastic! Cory listened to my concerns and gave me the comprehensive analysis I needed that only a specialist in nutrition could give.  She put the science into layman’s terms for me so I could understand what was happening with my body. I deeply appreciate her high level of knowledge, professionalism, compassion, and kindness. I highly recommend The Women’s Dietitian!”

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“I felt like Cory really helped to tackle my symptoms on all fronts (supplements, diet, exercise, lifestyle, gut, etc). This was exactly the 360 approach I was looking for.  Cory is so knowledgable and I felt like she really gave me a personalized plan for action and was there to walk alongside me in my journey.”

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“Working with Cory was an extremely enjoyable experience- she was always willing to strategize when something wasn’t going well. She would help me come up with strategies to support my lifestyle and my goals simultaneously. Cory was professional, warm, and the time went by fast when we were working together. She did not cut me off right when the time was up and went above and beyond to make sure all my questions were answered. I would definitely recommend Cory to other women who want to explore balancing their hormones through diet and exercise. There is a lot of information out there about this, but Cory was able to make it make sense to me and personalize it to fit my goals.”

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“I was a little unsure at first because of feeling disempowered by my experience with doctors regarding birth control options/managing the side effects I was having on birth control. Cory’s price and time is worth more than what she charges. She is informative and the tools she uses are amazing. I greatly enjoyed the meal planning and the handouts she provided me with. I continue to reference them. The amount of knowledge I gained about MY body and MY hormones still has me pondering, “why the hell don’t we learn this in school”?

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“I truly appreciated Cory’s patience with my million questions about this and that. She was never judgmental like I thought a dietitian would be. Her communication was amazing, she responds quickly to emails and was never hard to reach. I never felt ashamed when I was honest with her regarding my pre and pregnancy diet, she just understood me which helped me trust in her guidance even more. The overall quality of experience that I had working with Cory was unlike anything I had imagined. I felt safe and trusted her advice and I am forever thankful for her help! Her knowledge about both PCOS and pregnancy nutrition is amazing. I can’t believe I waited as long as I did to seek her out for help!

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“I just loved our work together so much- Cory gave me recipes, a great way to think about meal prep, amazing snack ideas, and bath and body product suggestions. I feel it was much more than what I originally thought I was getting! Cory’s response time was always very prompt, I felt very supported along my journey, I felt understood and genuinely cared for. It was so great that I will extend my initial three month session into more.”