PCOS weight management
nutrition counseling

If you’re reading this now, I bet you $1 million bucks that you’ve tried a diet in the past and it didn’t work.

As a Registered Dietitian, I can say with full confidence that it’s simply because diets do not work when we have PCOS.

why else would the diet industry still be thriving if diets indefinitely did what they promised they would do?

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i present to you: a different approach.


Your ideal weight can be achieved without the roller coaster of restriction.

I get it, everybody who would like to be at a certain weight wants to get there quickly.

But ask yourself this: Do you want to do it fast with another restrictive crash diet (like eliminating gluten and dairy forevaaaa) or would you like to keep it off indefinitely?


Using evidence-based strategies,

you will reach your perfect weight.

Building long-term sustainable health practices by teaching your body to honor internal cues sets you up for lifetime success.
Recalibrating food beliefs, behaviors, and self-talk can help you create new patterns when it comes to food and health.

If you’re burnt out on diet after diet, that’s a clear-as-day sign that it’s time to ditch the trendy PCOS diet.